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The Deluxe Polly Dolly is one of our most popular toys. They like to fly out our doors.There are two styles available: Large Macaw and Large Cockatoo. Consists of bright 100% cotton, jute, sisal string, vegetable tanned leather and wood. All toys have a bell and attach with swivel/ pearlinks or quicklinks. The Deluxe Polly Dolly is one of our large toys at 17" in length.

  • Babies
    A deterent when bad habits usually begin.
  • Show Birds
    A relief from pressure and stress
  • Lonely Birds
    A "dolly" to love
  • Bored Birds
    Engrossing * Absorbing * Engaging
  • Feather Shredders, Pluckers
    A pretend friend to preen

"...has gone through several POLLY DOLLIES but has completely stopped bothering his feathers."
-Parrot Psychology, Sally Blanchard

"...not usually brave in such matters, took to his new toy right away, nibbling delicately on the leather and fabric strips, with the promise of more aggressive play to come."
-Bird Marketplace

"...her birds had done very little with the toys she provided until she offered them the soft-textured POLLY DOLLY toys. They are colorful and non-toxic and her parrots spend hours picking at and chewing them."
-Parrots and Other Hookbills, Arthur Freud

"How fortunate we are now with firms like POLLY DOLLY of Texas making toys with a full variety of textures for birds to experience. They are sage, clever and well within your budget for gifts or to give to your own flock."
-Top Rated Holiday Gifts for Birds and Bird Lovers